Living Trust & Beneficiaries My mom is terminally ill.

Living Trust & Beneficiaries
My mom is terminally ill. She is divorced and I am her only child, age 26. I am currently listed as her beneficiary on all of her financial accounts. Someone mentioned the idea of a living will. Is there any benefit to a living trust if I am already the beneficiary on her accounts? Without a living trust, would property and accounts go into probate, even if I am the beneficiary?

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    Very sorry to hear of your situation. If she owns real estate you should consider a living trust or a gift deed (with retained life interest) so that you can receive the house with full step up in tax basis and without probate. Merely having the house in joint tenancy may not be enough depending on the value of the house. Good luck.

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    It depends up what assets your mom has. I also depends upon how long she lives and what kind of mental capacity she enjoys before she dies.

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