Power of Attorney – international I need p.

Power of Attorney – international
I need p.o.a. to obtain a title to a car I purchased from man living in debrecen, hungary. He was living in(& had the car registered in)florida at the time of sale.He ordered a duplicate title to sign over to me but they will not send it to him on account of not having a proof of address translated into english.He is unable to contact correct agencies to do so.Title is sitting in Florida. I have 96 days to claim it. I have owned the car for over a year, it is insured in my name, I have a bill of sale.short of mailing him a p.o.a. form to sign, what do I do to make it legal so that the title will be released to me?

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    1. Find out what Florida Dept of Motor Veh. requires to have title placed in your name.

    2. Have it prepared in English and send to him. He should sign it before the American Consul and have it notarized and returned to you.

    You may need an attorney in floarida.

    Good luck.

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