rental agreement i have rented–name removed–codo from–name…

rental agreement
i have rented–name removed–codo from–name removed–gentlemen for over 12 years. until this year he did not want to have–name removed–year to year contract. On last week he came to my job asking me for more money money for las months rent and this month. I rent from month to month right now with him and he went up on my rent $125 for October and then ask for $125 for last month. He also stated that I will have to start paying water bill this month. He gave me an account number for the water bill which was over $100. The clerk said that the bill was for two properties not one. Is it legal for him to continue to go up on the rent twice in 6 months and to now ask me to pay the wate bill? What would you advice me to do? I now know I need to sign–name removed–legal rental contract.

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  1. Re: rental agreement
    You should consult with a local attorney to look into whether he can change the terms of the lease. Since there was (apparently) no written lease, you are a tenant at will.

    Charles W. Field
    Charles W. Field, Attorney at Law
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    You would likely pay a lawyer as much as the landlord is asking you to pay. As you are month to month, the landlord can raise the rent every month with proper notice. If you do not want to risk increases, work out a lease.

    Scott Riddle
    Scott B. Riddle, Attorney
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