rental Hello, I have a rental in Joshua Tree, Ca.

Hello, I have a rental in Joshua Tree, Ca. I found a renter but she is trnsfering from Pismal Beach. She is not able to meet to sign papers so I said that I would send her a rental agreement via email then she can just fax me it back then give me a $700/ deposit in my account. Then on dec. 1 she is going to move in when I get 1st months rent $600 and the original copy of the lease. And I will give her the keys and we will do a walk through. Is this safe to do???

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    It’s probably safer for you, assuming you receive the deposit in good funds before handing over the keys, than it is for her, who is transferring a deposit amd signed agreement for a rental she’s never seen.

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    It sounds like a plan, assuming her credit checks out. If there were weeks between the two dates, then I’d be concerned if there were no security deposit. I’m not sure what you mean by “a $700/ deposit in my account.” Why not have her give you the deposit at the same time you get the rent — and before you give her the keys? It’s only a couple of days from today.

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