Review legal doc Hi, I’m looking to see how much it would cost to review an if…

Review legal doc
Hi, I’m looking to see how much it would cost to review an if necessary edit a car rental agreement. This contract is 9 pages long.

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    We regularly conduct contract reviews for clients. All of our legal services are provided on a fixed fee upfront basis. If you would like a quick quote, please feel free to email or call me.

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    Bryan C. Becker
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    You may email my office to discuss fees, however, you sometimes need some bargaining power and or flexibility with the rentor in order to be able to make changes. You may email me some facts.

    Daniel Bakondi, Esq.

    No attorney-client nor confidential relationship is created through this communication. You may not rely in any way on this communication, and nothing herein constitutes legal advice nor legal opinion. Your issue may be time sensitive and may result in loss of rights if you do not obtain an attorney immediately.

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  3. Re: Review legal doc
    My office regularly handles document review and analysis. I would need to know more about your business, and who you prospective renters are to give you a better idea of how to build the agreement properly.


    Joshua Hale
    Hale Law Group
    4630 Border Village Rd. N171
    San Ysidro, CA 92173

  4. Re: Review legal doc
    If you’re talking about a contract for you to rent a vehicle from a regular rental company, you can pay 1/2 hour or more to review it, but I would estimate the likelihood of you getting them to agree any ‘edit’ changes as essentially zero. You’d be wasting your money by spending such legal fees. If you’re talking about some kind of specialty rental, then changes may be possible.

    If you are trying to do something that involves adapting some other company’s contract for your use, then the attorney would need to spend time to determine what your needs and desires are, then do the work, billing by the hour typically. If this is what you’re after, feel free to contact me to discuss an estimate.

    Terry A. Nelson
    Nelson & Lawless
    18685 Main St., #175
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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