What are my rights?

What are my rights? Forced to move
Hello. This morning my apt complex had carpeting being installed 2 floors up at 8am waking me up after only 3 hours sleep as I work late swing shift. I called the office and the lady told me I had to deal with it so I gave her a few choice words then hung up.

A few min later I went to the office and demanded they stop or they would have to have me removed from the office forcibly (I was provided no notice they would be doing this and i understand they didn’t have to inform me).

They agreed to stop the work. I went back to my apt and went to sleep. I woke up to get ready for work to find a 30 day notice on my apartment because of this altercation. I call the main manager and she says they are forcing us out because we had an altercation. Our 6month lease just expired and we are now month to month. What are my rights in this situation since we are being forced out. We have had no prior complaints against us and we have never had any issues prior to this with the apartment complex.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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    Let’s see, you are on month to month terms now, and your landlord gave you one month’s notice. You have the right to move out on the date specified in the notice, and will not have to pay anything after that date toward rent.

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