What rights do we have?

What rights do we have?
I have three sisters whom live far apart. My father was just put in a nursing home. My sister who lives in the same town has been his sole care taker. She took upon herself to clean out his old apartment (without our knowledge) and distrubute amongst her children. She feels that she took care of him….she deserves it. Dad wants the items sorted out between his daughters. In Dad’s will he has only a few important items listed. Are the household items considered part of the estate? Without a living will what rights do my sisters and I have to be entitled to his belongings?

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    You, or your sisters, do not have any rights to the property. If your father has a valid will, the property will be distributed in accordance with its terms. In the interim, the property should not be divided amongst anyone and should be held for your father or be dealt with according to his instructions now. Household items are part of the estate. However, there is no estate until your father has passed away. No one other than your father has any rights to the property.

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