Notice To Quit vs.

Notice To Quit vs. Kappa Notices
I have several tenants who are in violation of their Lease by having dogs in their apartments. We have sent out numerous letters along with copies of the rules and regulations, yet they continue to have the dogs. I would like to proceed with an eviction for violation of the rules but I am being told that my management company can not do this because we have to serve a Kappa Notice and it is required to be drawn up by an attorney. Is this really the case and why can’t I just have my management company file a regular Notice To Quit for violating the rules and regulations and have it served by the sheriff?

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    This would be an eviction based upon a breach of rules and/or nuisance and you would need to serve a Kappa notice 1st. If the tenant is paying rent then this is the way you have to go. If they are not, or if it is a month to month lease, then there are easier ways.

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