Probate for a bank account with PNC bank My cousin passed away last month in CA.

Probate for a bank account with PNC bank
My cousin passed away last month in CA.He was residing in RedWood City,CA.I want to get the bank statements and close the bank account with PNC bank,PA.Problem is I am in Pasadena,CA and the branch doesn’t have a local branch here and I am not on the account hence I sent a letter to get myelf added to the account with a
copy of the Death Cert. and a general Power of Attorney (which the parents prepared in India).
But now they sent a letter to me to provide following information
- Original Death certificate.
- Original Letters of Testamentary/Administration.
- Orginal Short Certificate Affidavit of Domicile.
How do I get this the last 2 documents done ?
The bank account may have funds less then 10,000 which my cousin had when he was in PA State Univ.
He also had a Bank of America account which I was able to handle by just walking in a local branch here in Pasadena,CA and provide the Original Death Certificate and POW.Pls. assist how I can handle this and help the poor parents back in India who don’t even have a passport to come to US.
They have already gone through a lot and now they have to fight with this.

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    I am sorry to hear of yur cousin’s passing, it sounds like the two of you were very close.

    We have had to deal with a similar issue in the past where the claimed relativs were located in another country. What was needed was a notarized document from the other country as well as notarization from the US consulate. I must admit, I am surprised that Bank of America allowed the transfer on those documents alone, but I guess you got lucky and caught the bank’s representative on a “good day”.

    The “Letters” that they are referring to are what are received when a Probate is started. I would need to see the other form to know what exactly they are asking for.

    We are also located in Pasadena, CA and I believe that we can assist you with the transfer of the bank account as we have dealth with a very similar situation. Regardless, you will probably need to retain counsel to get the wheels moving properly.

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