divorce and jointly held mortgage i am divorcing.

divorce and jointly held mortgage
i am divorcing. i own a home jointly with my husband. he’s keeping the house and would not like to refinance to get me off the mortgage. he doens’t want to lose a great mortgage rate and a low monthly payment. he wants to give me a cash payout for my equity and then establish a hold harmless indemnity doc.
is this a safe bet for me? will it impede my ability be granted a mortgage?

End of Lease nowhere to go My lease ended June 2001.

End of Lease nowhere to go

My lease ended June 2001. I asked the landlord for a month to month agreement until I found a place. He agreed and collected July rent. I have been denied a mortgage that I waited three weeks to get an answer since then an apartment as plan B for was taken. On 8/1 I was asked to vacate the premises by 8/10. the landlord said they had someone else that was on section 8 and they would be a better tenant, guaranteed rent on the 1st (I paid all payments before the 10 of every month) I have paid Aug rent and asked the landlord to give me until the end of August to leave. He refused, he demanded I leave or he’ll remove the doors and windows. Is this legal & what steps can I take to protect myself?


Apt. problems
We are currently on a month to month after out lease was up this year on our apartment. We recently had some new neighbors move in downstairs from us and their kids stay up all night even on school nights on average till about 2:00 am. We have made multiple call complaining about the noise to the mananger but the problem still persists. There is a 10:30 pm quiet time rule in our lease. It will be too expensive for us to move right now and we dont want to leave the area! Is there anything that we can do?

Month to month tenants need more time.

Month to month tenants need more time….HELP!
We are currently renting an apartment on a month to month basis while our home is being built.
We are about 2 weeks behind schedule, and will need to go into March.We told her in mid February we would need more time, and would pay March’s rent. At that time she made no mention of having new tenants coming in right away. We were served with notice to quit papers saying we have to be out by March 1. When I called to see why she explained she has section 8 tenants lined up to come in March 1. We expressed we will pay March’s rent, but she said she is unable to accomodate us. My question is are we going to be homeless March 1? When March 1 comes will there be someone here making us move our things? We have 3 kids, one 6 weeks old. Is there a way to ask a judge to grant us more time? Or are we able to just stay the 2 weeks and move when our house is finished, and mail her the check for March? Help please!