Credit Card?

Credit Card?
”He” was directed by the court to pay a credit card that happened to be in my name only(he is authorized user). He has charged ten thousand more dollars on the card. I was told by the credit card company there is nothing I can do except close the account so he can’t charge more, and they aren’t bound by the divorce decree, therefore I am still responsible for the debt. ”He” wrote me a letter and said he is not making another payment and that he intends to run my credit in the toilet. Please, is there something, anything, I can do not to have this over my head. Had I known any better, I would have ask that it was part of the divorce for him to put the account in his name before I ever signed a quit claim deed. Can someone please help me?

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    If these were terms pursuant to your Decree then you want to file a Petition for Contempt of Court Order or a Petition to Enforce the Decree. That is the only way to get the issue in front of the court and at least see if the court will order him to do it and hold him in contempt if he does not. You could also request attorney’s fees if you hire a lawyer.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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