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    The prior answer is 100% correct, but a little more explanation might be helpful.

    Your question is like asking what is the difference between a red flower and a perennial flower. The answer is that quitclaim deeds and inerspousal transfer deeds, like red and perennial flowers, are overlapping categories.

    An interspousal transfer deed can be a quitclaim or it can be something other than a quitclaim, just as a perennial flower might be red, or blue.

    Similarly, a quitclaim deed may carry out an interspousal transfer, or it might be between two corporations, just as a white flower might be an annual, biennial, or perennial.

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    An inter-spousal transfer deed is used to transfer title between spouses, or to confirm that title to a piece of property is owned by one of the spouses. A quitclaim deed only transfers whatever title the grantor has to the grantee (meaning that if the grantor has no title to the property when signing a quitclaim deed, no title is transferred; or if the grantor has imperfect title, the grantor’s imperfect title is transferred).

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