Divorce Married for 8 years.

Married for 8 years. I owned the home since 1990. My husband received a lump sum buyout/retirement in 2007 of $140,000, foregoing all health care benefits. We signed a post-nup stating in case of separation he will quit claim the house to me, which he has, and in return I will stay married to him so that he can have my health insurance. I did not receive any of his buyout money due to this agreement. Now he has decided to file for Divorce. The post-nup also states if HE filed I would not be responsible for his health care but if I filed I would be. Now he says that he should be entitled to some of the equity in the house. Does this Post-nup stand up in court? Would adultery play a part on the courts decision? He is also trying to force me to re-finance the home immediately. I retired in 2005, and not sure if I can qualify at this time due to my fixed income. He was having the affair when all of these decisions between us were made. I would have kept my $50,000 a year job had I known all the facts. I stand to lose quite a bit of money due to legal fees, refinance costs and possible equity. I also started a business, but currently at a loss. I could lose my home. I am planning on hiring an atty. but would like your thoughts.

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    A postnuptual agreement will generally be upheld. You should be fine. Much depends upon where your divorce will be filed. In what county do you live?

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    Without knowing and understanding the ENTIRE picture, it is not possible to accurately answer your questions. You should immediately meet with an experienced and aggressive family law specialist.
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