felony theft charge my husband had bought a vehicle and was given a notorized…

felony theft charge
my husband had bought a vehicle and was given a notorized bill of sale for the car. we never recvd the title from the person. two months later my husband gets pulled over and the car was reported stolen he was charged with possesion of stolen property and theft. we also had the origional keys to the vehicle. the car was bought in kansas. my husband is being charged in kansas and in minnesota. we are not able to afford a paid for attorney, my husband wants this to be over so he tried to take a plea bargain, they were gointg to give him presumptive probation, but instead they gave him a pre sentence investigation and recommended 23 months in prison so he withdrew his plea. I know that this is a cival case it should not be criminal we bought the car from a person and have a notorized bill of sale. we have our backs against the wall what should we do. and can two states actually charge my husband with the same exact charge.please help i really need some legal advice his public defender is not doing anything to help him at all.

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    What you should do is get the best legal help you possibly can. A conviction not only could result in incarceration, but could severely reduce income earning capacity even after that, for a lifetime. You can’t afford not to get good legal help!

    A prosecutor can charge (allege or claim) a crime was committed based upon information that includes the date (or period of dates) and location (jurisdiction) the alleged crime occurred. Therefore, it is conceivable in the right situation, that a person could be guilty of possession of stolen property in two different states, though not on the same date(s).

    There is no substitute for a good criminal defense lawyer. If you want a good private criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, give me a call.

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  2. Re: felony theft charge
    To be convicted of the crime, there must be an intent to possess stolen property . It would seem that there is a legitimate defense based on the bill of sale.

    You should have an attorneey, a felony of this nature is very serious and requires aggressive representation.

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