I delayed filing a quit claim deed.

I delayed filing a quit claim deed. When I recently picked up the certified copy at the county recorder’s office, there were two liens on the property. I did not sign for either of the loans.

One lien was filed before I filed my deed and the other was taken after I filed my deed.

The City that made the home improvement loans with HUD money wants me to repay both loans or they threatened foreclosure, even though they know and told me they did not do title search and if they had they would have not given the second loan.

I have tried to work with the city. I told them I would make payments. I asked for clarification on whether they want repayment on one or both liens.

It has been two weeks since I heard anything. The last message I received was an email from the director of the loan improvement program for the city saying he would check with the city attorney to see if I owed both liens.

I contacted HUD a couple of days ago but haven’t heard from them either.


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