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  1. Re: Last Will/Living Will
    You, the maker of the will (called the testator), must be at least 18 years old. You must be of sound mind at the time you sign your will. Your will must be written. Your will must be witnessed in the special manner provided by law for wills.
    It is necessary to follow exactly the formalities required for the execution of a will. To be effective, your will must be proved in and allowed by the probate court. For more info see

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  2. How to make Wills.
    Q. What is necessary to make a Last Will and Testament and a Living Will in the state of Florida?

    A. Read F.S. 732.501 thru .504. These statutes set forth legal requirement for wills in Fla.

    You must be 18 or over and of sound mind; it must be signed at the end in the presence of at least two subscribing witnesses; it must express your intent/wishes after your are dead.

    As to a Living Will. See, F.S. 765.303 It gives you a suggested form to use.

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