My mother passed in nov.

My mother passed in nov. 2008.She had a living trust with my brother was excutor
of the estate. theres 6 siblings including my self.My brother recently sold the condo which there was a balance owing on the home of 142500. the home was sold for 165000.pior to that all bills were paid according to the documents i recieved .its been almost a year and everytime i try to call the lawyer that my mother had the living will with my brother calls and yells telling i cant call the lawyer the lawyer is his lawyer .I cant get any answers about anything .I was told about a month ago I would recieve only about 600-800 dollars but he also told me he hated me and i could recieve nothing.I need help and advice .what are my rights and can i talk to that lawyer about whats going on because i cant get no answers from my brother.

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  1. Yes, you will need to speak with a lawyer asap. Do you know if your brother is also the trustee or just the executor? Is your mother’s lawyer the trustee? Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further.




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