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    You can probably find sites online with free forms. There are a lot of people out there who are more than willing to play lawyer and I’ve seen forms drafted by nursing homes, hospitals, HMO’s, etc. but none that I would want to sign without the advice of an attorney. You have to consider whose interest the medical providers are looking out for, especially with a “living will” or with “advance health care directives.”

    I especially recommend not signing one of the forms if it has a clause that says they can cut off life support if the electric bill for the respirator goes over $20 a month.

    Seriously, whenever you sign any kind of an important legal document you should talk to an attorney. We are not as expensive as the television shows make most people think.

    John Gibson
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    I don’t know where you can get a free, do it yourself form. We charge very reasonable fees for Revocable Living Wills and other Wills.

    Daniel Cevallos
    Cevallos & Wong, LLP
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