stolen car ?

stolen car ?
My ex-wife has my car in New York State registered in my name with no insurance. I never wrote a purchase agreement or anything stating that the car was a gift and zero dollars were exchanged. She has been living in NY since November of 2005. Since, she has made no attempt to register the vehicle in the state of NY. There are no leins the car paid in full, I have the Bill of Sale. I also have a duplicate title. If I take the car back can she report it stolen even though my name is the only name on the title?

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    Since you are the rightful owner of the vehicle you can (if you have a key and proper documentation), take the car. That being said, you would be better off taking her to court to have the court declare you the rightful owner and grant you the car back.

    If the vehicle was given to your ex-wife in a divorce agreement or decree, regardless of the documentation that you have she owns the car.

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