vehicle accident I hope you can help me.

vehicle accident
I hope you can help me. My father in law is being sued. He had a dodge caravan 1993 in which the air bag deployed, and it cost more to fix it than the van was worth. so he did not fix it. He sold it in 2002, for $1600, and told the buyer about the air bag, but did not put it in writing. Well it has sold three more times to different owners, and the last owner since him, just got in an accident and of course the air bag did not deploy. so one of the owners between my father in law and the
last owners did not disclose the problem. Now, this owner has
called my father in law, and my father in law told him he had not repaired it. He must have contacted all of the previous owners. Now he says he is going to sue him, and that this is a felony. This is my first time at your website, I hope you can help. just need some info. I realize my father in law should have put this on the bill of sale, but he goes off of his word most of the time. the van is probably worth about $600 now.
thank you for your time. i really appreciate it

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  1. Re: vehicle accident
    If your father-in-law is being sued, than he needs to retain an attorney to defend the case. The defense will depend in the allegations and other litigation factors. I would strongly recommend hiring local counsel.

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