tow company wants money My son who is now 19 sold a car in November 2002 for…

tow company wants money
My son who is now 19 sold a car in November 2002 for $200. The car had not been registered for about 6 months before that. In July 2003, he recieved a letter from a tow company stating he owed $4919 for towing and storage. It appears the people that bought the car broke down and left it on the side of the road. The title was signed over to the new owners, but he can not locate the bill of sale. I spoke with the tow company owner and he told me not to worry about it. Now he recieved a letter from a collection agency saying this will be reported to a credit agency, he will lose his liscence and there will be a warrant placed for his arrest if he does not pay within 10 days. Please help us out, I don’t want to see the kid go through all this trouble when he never did anything wrong. The car was a clunker and it obviously is just a way for this tow company to get a lot of money for doing nothing. The collection agency will not return my calls. Thanking you in advance for any and all suggestions.

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    Hello –

    I agree with the comments made by Attorney Baker in his reply to your inquiry. One question I have is whether you know the name and address of the people to whom your son sold his vehicle, and with any luck a phone number for them as well. Abandoning the vehicle in the manner they did was their mistake, and the responsibility for its removal and storage ought to be theirs as well. I wasn’t able to determine from your inquiry whether or not you have this information, but I think it helps the cause if you’re able to identify the purchaser(s) and true owners of this vehicle for the tow company.

    My name is Len Foy and I am an attorney with Gould & Gould, with offices in Londonderry NH and Methuen Mass. I’m licensed as an attorney in NH and in Mass. If you’d like me to help you try and resolve this matter I’d be happy to, just call our office at (603) 434-3437 and ask for Sonja to schedule an office appointment with me or a telephone consultation.

    Thanks and Good Luck – Len

    Len Foy
    NH Residential Title & Escrow
    14 Manchester Square
    Portsmouth, NH 03801

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    What a pain this must be!! If you have correctly reported what they are saying, they are only blowing smoke. I can not think of any way in which they could get his license taken away. As regards the collection agency, if you truly sold the vehicle, they would not have a case against your son; I’d have to look at all the paperwork. Usually a stern letter from a lawyer takes care of them. If you want me to do it or otherwise help out, I would be happy to do so. Call me at 617-367-4260.

    David Baker
    Law Office of David Baker
    236 Huntington Avenue, Room 306
    Boston, MA 02115

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