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What to do? Pulled over for not having insurance.
To make a long story short when I drove my car to go get registered and get insurance I was pulled over. I got a citation for not having insurance. After this experience, I decided that it would be best to just get rid of the car. So I am selling it. However I still have to go to court regarding my lack of insurance. My question is: would it be better to walk into court with a notarized bill of sale, or 2. get insurance for a couple of days and then cancel it after going to court, or 3. get both? I would rather not spend $100 on insurance for a couple of days as well as the fine, but will do what I have to.

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    Did you have insurance on any other cars that you owned? If you received the ticket within 30 days of purchasing the car and you were insured on another vehicle some types of insurance cover any new vehicle you purchase for the first 30 days. So I would check that first. Otherwise, if you are selling the vehicle and it is sold befor the court date bring in a copy of the pink slip and proof of the sale and you should only have to pay the fine. I wouldn’t go through the hassel of getting insurance if you are selling the vehicle. The fact is you were not insured when you got the ticket so having insurance now will not help unless you do not sell the car in which case you will have to show proof of insurance when you go in on your court date.

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