Who can make a will?

Who can make a will?
Who can make out a will? A Living Will? Or a Durable Power of Attorney? What are the differences between these 3? What are the benefits of having any of these 3? When should these 3 be used?
I am writing a research paper for school, and I chose the topic, ”Why It’s Important to Prepare a Will, Living Will, and/or Durable Power of Attorney.”
Please help me out if you can.
A Northwestern Business College student

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    Your questions require lengthy answers. I suggest you check the Illinois statutes regarding these matters. Better yet if you did an internet search you would find a wealth of information on the subject.

    Kevin Plachta
    The Law Office of Kevin F. Plachta
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    You are asking us to do your research for you. As Kevin said search the statutes, Illinois that is, and come to your own conclusion and then use your ability to write… and write and cogent answer and don’t ask us to write it for you. Good Luck.

    Jay Pollak
    The Pollak Law Firm, LLC
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    Northbrook, IL 60062

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    As a business student, I trust you understand that attorneys need to be paid for the work they do, as in any profession. Our only commodity is time and expertise. And you are asking us to give those to you so you don’t have to do your own work. What you are asking is no different than going to a restaurant and saying, “I’m researching lobster. Please give me every lobster dish. Free.” Isn’t part of the educational process learning to do your own research? What is the point of this paper if you have someone else write it for you? You have the vast resources of the internet at your disposal–we actually had to go to libraries way back when I was your age….

    Thomas Moens
    Moens Law Offices, Chartered
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