Home Deed I own a home with a friend.

Home Deed
I own a home with a friend. We are dissolving our partnership in the home and want to drop my name from the deed. What is an inexpensive way to do it. Can I get a quit claim deed and have him and I sign it, notarize it and take to deeds office in our county?

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    Yes, a quit claim deed will allow you to transfer the property. If there is a mortgage involved with this property, I don’t recommend doing the quit claim deed until the friend refinances the mortgage to ensure that you are no longer liable for it. I would be happy to help you with this, to ensure it is done properly.

    Lesley Hoenig
    Lesley A. Hoenig, Attorney at Law
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  2. Re: Home Deed
    If you are presently both owners of the home, then you both will have to sign a Quit Claim Deed to transfer the property. You will need to comply with the laws for drafting and recording the deed to make sure it is effective. http://www.altonlawfirmplc.com

    Wendy Alton
    Fausone Bohn LLP
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